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Job action underscores importance of HSA members

January 1, 1999
The Report: January 1999 vol.19 num.5 by CINDY STEWART The recent job action taken by HSA paramedical professionals clearlygave our bargaining team the momentum we needed to get a fair collective agreement. Byputting pressure on health employers, we were able to get the provincial governmentinvolved in our negotiations, forcing HEABC to address our issues seriously.

Paramedical professional talks come to a halt

December 4, 1998
Unions call HEABC's attitude at the bargaining table "irresponsible" Talks at the paramedical professional bargaining table came to an abrupt halt this morning. The Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association, which represents over 10,000 health care professionals across the province, says the Health Employers Association's attitude at the bargaining table is risking further disruption in BC's health care system.

Paramedical professionals commence strike vote

November 15, 1998
More than 9,000 paramedical professionals represented by the Health Sciences Association of BC will take a strike vote November 16-19 to back the union's efforts for a fair collective agreement. HSA is the lead union in the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association which represents approximately 10,000 health care professionals including lab technologists, x-ray technologists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, child development workers, social workers and dietitians.

Issues of confidentiality in the workplace

November 1, 1998
The Report: November / December 1998 vol.19 num.4 by SARAH O'LEARY Are all of my discussions with my HSA steward confidential?

What's up and what's not with union actions and grievances

November 1, 1998
The Report: November / December 1998 vol.19 num.4 Welcome to new members at Future Focus  HSA welcomes 26 new employees at Future Focus in Campbell River. FutureFocus is a private facility that delivers services at a group home and two day programsfor adults with mental disabilities. Most of our new members are community / residentialsupport workers. Bargaining will begin soon for a first collective agreement with CSSEA.

Run for the Cure:HSA members crucial in diagnosis, care of breast cancer patients

November 1, 1998
The Report: November / December 1998 vol.19 num.4 by MAUREEN ROSS Where were you on Sunday, October 4? I was in Kelowna, at the BC BreastCancer Foundations Run for the Cure, and much to my surprise, I was running.

Bargaining team needs your continued support

November 1, 1998
The Report: November / December 1998 vol.19 num.4 by RICK LAMPSHIRE As the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association heads intomediation, I want to take this opportunity to thank all HSA members for their strongsupport during these negotiations.

Paramedical professionals to take strike vote

October 22, 1998
The joint union bargaining association says after months of negotiations, HEABC is refusing to address any of the key issues still on the table. The joint union bargaining association representing over 10,000 paramedical professionals in the health and social services sectors today announced it will conduct a province-wide strike vote. The announcement came after negotiations with the Health Employers' Association of BC broke down October 15.

Health care unions baffled by suggestion that accord was secretly negotiated

October 8, 1998
HSA, HEU say they've been lobbying for a rationalized lab system for several years as a way to save $25 million annually. The health care unions that represent BC's lab technologists and technicians say the recent accord on lab, breast screening and rehabilitation services could help eliminate the waste and duplication that currently exist in BC's health care system. And they say that the BC Medical Association and private labs were well aware that the health care unions were lobbying for changes.

HSA demands investigation into unnecessary layoffs at Vancouver Hospital lab

October 1, 1998
The union that represents lab technologists at VH wants to know why after laying off 70 lab techs last year, the hospital is advertising those same jobs in the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal.