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Help fight breast cancer: Support the Run for the Cure

June 17, 2005
BL10058 This years annual CIBC Run for the Cure, isnt until October 2, 2005, but its already time to start forming teams and fundraising for the cause.

Arbitration dates set to hear arguments for Biomedical Engineering Technologists

June 14, 2005
BL10057 An arbitrator has been selected to hear the dispute between HSA and HEABC on appropriate wage rates and other classification issues for Biomedical Engineering Technologists who recently joined HSA. Arbitrator Judi Korbin will hear arguments August 2 and 3. At issue are entry-level wage rates, classification of supervisory positions, and opportunities for recognition of work over and above the entry level.

PPBA collective agreements now available for members

June 6, 2005
 BL10056 The provincial agreement between the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association and the Health Employers Association of BC effective April 1, 2004 - March 31, 2006 has been printed and is now available. Employers are responsible for ensuring all members working under the contract receive a copy. If you do not receive a copy of the contract, you may request one through the human resources department or contact at your workplace.

Balanced government: will it affect upcoming contract negotiations?

June 1, 2005
The Report: June / July 2005 vol.26 num.3 by CINDY STEWART n May 17, British Columbians sent a strong message that they want a balanced approach to government.


June 1, 2005
The Report: June / July 2005 vol.26 num.3 by BRUCE WILKINS

An activist is born

June 1, 2005
The Report: June / July 2005 vol.26 num.3 by LAURA BUSHEIKIN

Top marks for HSA member

June 1, 2005
The Report: June / July 2005 vol.26 num.3 by DAN KEETON here are many HSA members who received excellent grades while training for their profession. But how many achieve one of Canadas top academic honours while studying for a new health sciences career?

Biomedical Engineering Technologists headed for Arbitration

May 20, 2005
 BL10054 HEABC and HSA have failed to reach an agreement on an appropriate wage rate and other classification issues arising from the Biomedical Engineering Technologists (BMETs) placement into the Paramedical Professional Collective Agreement as a result of a May 6th ruling by the Labour Relations Board.  The LRB ruling simply places the BMETs into the existing PPBA agreement and is not the same as an expired collective agreement in which the parties can bargain new provisions.

HSA to represent Biomedical Engineering Technologists

May 9, 2005
BL10050  The BC Labour Relations Board has ruled that two hundred Biomedical Engineering Technologists working in BC hospitals are appropriately represented by HSA. This follows a previous ruling by the LRB that designated Biomedical Engineering Technologists as paramedical professionals, but did not resolve the issue of union representation. HSA holds the paramedical professional certification at all of the hospitals where Biomedical Engineering Technologists work.

Education Leave Fund

April 18, 2005
EB05-08 Last chance to apply for funding Paramedical Bargaining Association members are eligible to apply for Education Leave Funding. The one million dollar Education Leave Fund, a provision of the 2001 - 2004 Paramedical Professional Collective Agreement, provided financial assistance to health science professionals to attend educational programs for professional advancement and career enhancement. This was one-time funding and insufficient funds remain to provide further wage replacement.