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An agreement worth supporting



HSA and other unions have been hunkered down in ceaseless and difficult negotiations for almost five years.

The effort has expended enormous resources – resources that we need to focus on helping members deal with their daily workplace challenges.

So when mediators approached HSA and other unions about early negotiations for a five-year deal, we decided to listen.

Wages and benefits top list of priorities for HSA’s registered psychiatric nurses

HSA members gathered in Richmond last week to consider HSA members’ priorities for the Nurses Bargaining Association. Wages and benefits are the priorities for HSA’s more than 1,400 registered psychiatric nurses who work under the Nurses Bargaining Association collective agreement.

Members called for a fix to the Pharmacare Tie-in implement in the 2012-2014 contract, as well as for improved wages and classification specialization that recognizes registered psychiatric nurses’ unique contribution to the modern health care team.

Wages and benefits top list of priorities for HSA members who work in community social services

HSA members gathered in Richmond last week to discuss HSA members’ priorities for bargaining in the Community Social Services sector.

Delegates to the bargaining proposal conference reviewed the bargaining proposals submitted by members through chapter meetings around the province. Improved wages and benefits are the priorities for HSA’s almost 800 members who work under the Community Social Services Bargaining Association collective agreement.

Join the telephone town hall on HSPBA agreement Thursday

HSA will hold a telephone town hall meeting on Thursday, December 5, to update members on the tentative agreement reached earlier this month.

The phone call is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. PST and will last an hour. You will have an opportunity to hear from your negotiators and ask and hear questions and answers about the contract.

It's easy. You just have to be at home at 7 p.m., and you will be connected to the call.

Health science members vote on new tentative agreement


In late November, the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association reached a tentative agreement for the 17,000 health science professionals delivering modern health care in BC's hospitals and communities.

Bargaining proposal deadlines near; surveys still open

The week of November 19, HSA will hold bargaining proposal conferences related to the four public sector contracts under which members work.

Local union meetings are being held for members to discuss proposals for consideration at the conferences, which will set the direction for bargaining new collective agreements. The contracts all expire March 31, 2014.

Members vote to accept four-year collective agreement at Paragon Orthotic Lab

HSA members at Paragon Orthotic Lab in Victoria, a manufacturer of custom footwear orthotics, have voted unanimously in favour of accepting a four-year collective agreement.

Highlights of the agreement include wage increases equal to the cost of living, or a minimum of 2 per cent, in the third and fourth years of the agreement, in addition to increased benefit coverage in the third and fourth years of the agreement. The benefit coverage improvements include increases in dental coverage, as well as the introduction of eyeglass coverage for employees’ spouses.